Why must your contactless reader be interoperable and scalable?

SpringCard devices are interoperable

Ou devices are interoperable:

  • With the most common cards on the market,
  • With products other than those we produce (provided that they use the PC/SC standard),
  • With the future products that we will design.

The new products will always have the same dimensions and interfaces.
Because if some components bring additional functionality or increased capabilities, novelties should not upset your installations.


Scalability defines the ability of a product to adapt to fluctuations in demand by retaining its different functionalities.

SpringCard's engineers design products with common bulk characteristics: that is why you will always find the reader able to fill your needs, that means the technical solution at the best cost.So the increase (or the descrease as well) in the range becomes easy!

Learn more about our testing know-how

We are equipped with a MicroPross bench test to guarantee compliance with ISO 10373-6 in all field situations.
We are also used to working with independent laboratories that will be able to verify RCTIF, AFIMB and EMV compliance, or any other sectoral standard that you might want to ask for.



Focus on ISO 14443 standard

The three most important standards concerning NFC technology are ISO 14443, 15693 and 18092 standards.

ISO 14443 standardizes non-contact cards (PICC) using 13.56 MHz radio-identification.
It is used for all transport cards and is becoming increasingly popular with applications on smartphones.

It is divided in four layers:

  • the physical layer,
  • the radio frequency interface of the signal,
  • the communication layer that concerns the reading management of several cards at the same time -two types of communication interface are distinguished, designated under the denomination of type A and type B,
  • the protocol for the transmission of information.

ISO 14443 standard meets the regulatory constraints of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Published on 5/11/2017

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