RFID: overview of the technology

RFID is a technology that helps saving time and money by:

  • rationalizing the management
  • automating actions
  • sorting easier
  • tracing things

RFID is the technology of real-time information control.

The examples below brings you a non-exhaustive overview of the sectors that can implement it.

Large retailers

RFID uses overviewSupply Chain

Management of closed loops (containers, pallets, ...)


Luggage handling


Management of tree maintenance

Reduction of the cost of garbage collection (a single pass for all garbage bags: sorting is carried over to the processing line)

Taxation can be adapted to the quantity of waste produced


Automation of urban toll payments

Ski stations

Follow-up of the use of the lifts for an invoice adapted to the needs

Pharmaceutical industry

Traceability to meet regulatory constraints

Fight against counterfeiting

RFID uses overviewAll companies requiring identification systems

Controlling physical access to premises or logical access (workstation, application, etc.)


Identification of animals

Public transportation

Acknowledgment of rights of way

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Published on 5/22/2017

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