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PC/SC QuickStart
sq13163-2223.exe 2223 9114 kb
sq13163-2214.exe 2214 9319 kb
sq13163-2110.exe 2110 4441 kb
sq13163-1902.exe 1902 2891 kb
sq13163-1701.exe 1701 1365 kb
sq13163-1406.exe 1406 2105 kb
  A set of demo software to start working PC/SC couplers.  
  Note: Featuring PcscDiag2, the all in-one diagnostic utility to test all PC/SC functions, PcscScriptor, to run sequences of APDUs with any smartcard, NFCTagTool, a small application to read and write NFC Forum Tags, and PcscCheck, to validate the system's setup. The source code of these tools is available in the PC/SC SDK. This package comes without drivers ! Please install appropriate PC/SC driver package before using this QuickStart.  

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