CrazyWriter HSP PC/SC (OEM)

CrazyWriter HSP PC/SC (OEM)

Multi-interfaces USB & PC/SC contactless reader (coupling device), remote antenna incl.

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The SpringCard CrazyWriter HSP is made up of a remote antenna (asymmetric) linked by a thin micro-coax cable.

Both cards measure 69x45mm and are linked by a ribbon cable.

The coupling device is compliant with the PC/SC standard. Moreover, the speed of the USB interface combined to the high rate of the ISO 14443 standard enable the module to reach the best transaction speed.

Two optional cards can complete the CrazyWriter HSP:

  • either one with 1 contact card slot (ID-1 / 1FF size),
  • or one with 3 additional mini-SIM sized SAM cards slots (ID-000 / 2FF size).

To help you, we wrote an introduction to PC/SC.
If you start, our pack of tools ​Quickstart for PC/SC will also be useful.

Here the presentation of the CrazyWriter HSP OEM in video.


  • All-in-one solution to read or write on a contact or a smartcard
  • Directly powered by USB (JST SHR-5 industrial connector + classical mini-B USB connector)
  • Custom antenna possible, option to drive two antennas
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • RoHS & WEEE compliant (environmental protection)